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A one-time ticket activation or a distinctive ticket campaign

Touch Tickets has a network of more than 300 leisure activities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Think of amusement parks, zoos, museums, saunas, cinemas and many other activities.

Thanks to these strong partnerships, Touch could always offer a ticket deal that seamlessly matches the objectives, target group and period of the year. Touch guarantees an unique ticket proposition in the agreed promotional period. This can be a one time offer or a large-scale ticket campaign.

Touch completely unburdens you by taking over the contracting of various locations, drawing up a (year-round) campaign calendar and delivering a complete content package.


Touch has developed its own ticketing software package based on years of experience. This specialized ticketing software offers all the building blocks to set up a complete ticketing portal quickly and easily.

Touch has been the official ticket partner of Albert Heijn since May 2017?

Touch provides the year-round campaign calendar for Albert Heijn. Think of unique ticket deals with parties such as Disneyland® Paris, Roompot Vakanties, CenterParcs, De Beren Restaurants, Flywise and many others! In addition, Touch is fully responsible for the large-scale summer campaign where customers save for a second ticket for free at more than 300 different activities.

Interested in a high-profile ticket deal for your target group? Our Product Manager Frederique van Noord is happy to tell you everything!

Contact her via frederique.vannoord@touchincentive.nl
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Frederique van Noord
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