Erop Uit Voordeelkaart

Everyone likes to enjoy a day out cheaply!

The Erop Uit Voordeelkaart gives up to 70% discount on the best activities in the Benelux! From theater performances, amusement parks, zoos and museums to go-kart tracks, wellness and cinemas.

With the Erop Uit Voordeelkaart, cardholders receive up to a 70% discount on the best activities in the Benelux. Customers or employees are really getting surprised with this premium discount card!

Erop Uit Voordeelkaart - High perceived value product van Touch Promotions

De erop uit voordeelkaart

The Erop Uit Voordeelkaart can be used as an exclusive promotional item for every target group and every sector. It is a flexibly deployable discount concept with a fast time-to-market. The card is available both digitally and physically and can be used entirely in your own look and feel. Simply and quickly create a clear added value and a positive association with a brand or company with every use of the Erop Uit Voordeelkaart!

With a consumer value of € 39.95, the Erop Uit Voordeelkaart has a high perceived value, but this card is available with very attractive B2B conditions.

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