Powerful custom made premiums

Touch Products develops creative and effective sales campaigns with a strong focus on custom made premiums. By now, Touch Products creates and produces innovative promotions and premiums for many A-brands worldwide.

The powerful custom made premiums from Touch Products have more impact on your brand! Premiums have been present in the direct experience of your target group for many years and are one of the most impactful marketing tools. An excellent opportunity for a sustainable brand experience! That’s why we don’t think from products, but from brands and markets. We work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that seamlessly connect to the DNA of the organization. In this way, we create distinctive promotions and premiums that increase sales and at the same time build your brand in a consistent way. This personal touch ensures a more effective sales campaign.

Many companies mistakenly think that this also includes premium prices. On the contrary! Touch Products applies competitive rates by working with efficient, creative and flexible teams, no overhead and a worldwide network of quality suppliers. We are happy to discuss your options together!

Did you know...

high perceived value promotions

In addition to premiums, we also offer successful alternatives to standard discount promotions or employee programs through Touch Promotions. We often work with a high perceived value promotion; a high experience value at low costs. Think of products such as an Entertainment Benefit Card, Diner Jaarkaart or Beauty Benefit Card. In addition, a tailor made voucher is also possible in most cases.

We are happy to look for a solution that meets your wishes and needs! Curious about the possibilities?

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