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Thoughtful, meaningful incentives motivate employees to change the way they think, work and act. With the support of unique loyalty software, Touch facilitates everything that is needed to inspire employees and increase employee loyalty.

All successful employee programs revolve around one essential thing: happy employees are engaged and productive employees. One of the most important conditions for happy employees is that they are recognized and rewarded for the work they do. Touch combines the knowledge and operational possibilities to continuously stimulate, inspire and reward employees through a structured program. In this way, the way people act and work can be positively changed.

Organizations are supported with the development and implementation of the entire program on the basis of the loyalty software & service application; LoyaltyPoint®. From setting up a briefing and objectives, to developing the reward mechanism and the communication components. Touch is happy to help employees perform at a higher level!

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Touch always offers a suitable loyalty solution; for every target group in every sector.
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GIVE EMPLOYEES AN incentive as extra gift!

Surprise employees with an beautiful gift! Think of an Erop Uit VoordeelkaartDiner Jaarkaart of Health & Beauty Voordeelkaart. These products of Touch have a high perceived value and therefore, they are perfect to use as a valuation or reward mechanism.

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Toon van Gastel
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